Make Your Own Healthy Water

Remove Contaminants, Bacteria and Viruses from your water

The Optilife 918pi is the ultimate in water treatment

  • Easy Installation

    Simple Countertop or Undersink installation

  • Peace of Mind

    Provides confidence in your drinking water

  • Easy to Operate

    Fully automated, maintenance free


Drinking Water Quality

The EPA has set standards for more the 80 Contaminants that may occur in Drinking Water and pose a threat to human health.

Up to
Are removed by our Optilife Purifier
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SALE - Reduced from $1,875 to $980

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  • 5 stage purification process - Sediment Filter, GAC Filter, Carbon Block Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Carbon Post Filter/Alkaline Filter

  • The Optilife 918pi can be installed as a counter-top unit, or under the sink. The purifier can also be connected to your fridge water & ice dispenser.

  • Equipped with microprocessor, pump, solenoid valves and minimum and maximum pressure switches. Australian Watermark Certified

  • 24 hour digital water quality reader ensures you are drinking optimum quality water at all times

  • Automatic leak detector - Filter change indicator

  • Automatic membrane washing extends the life of the membrane, and ensures premium quality water production 

  • Effective production: up to 120 liters / day


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Product Overview

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Membrane Explained

Installation Video


Option 1: Pure Water Model - with this option the Purifier comes with a Post Carbon Cartridge (Cartridge 5). This cartridge polishes the taste but nothing is added back to the purified water.

Option 2: Alkaline Water Model - with this option the Purifier comes with an Alkaline Cartridge (Cartridge 5). This cartridge will add Calcium and Magnesium back to the water after the purification process has taken place..

Both options can be installed either under the sink, or on the counter-top

Each order includes Purifier (Pure Water or Alkaline), 12 Months of Cartridges, Installation Kit and above-sink Faucet. Everything you need to get started ......

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  • Use the water for drinking, washing vegetables, pets, ice cubes and great tasting tea & coffee

  • Built-in 8 litre tank ensures you always have pure, delicious water when required

  • Fully automated, maintenance free; just install the unit and start using it

  • The 981pi is not made from cheap plastic, it has a metal frame and the highest quality internal components are used

  • Product dimensions: 24.5cm (wide), 39cm (high), 39cm (deep)


If you start drinking this great tasting healthy water

You'll Probably Drink More, and Feel Better for it!

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